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Brain Stab: "Mortgage" means "death pledge"
May 1, 2007 . "Mortgage" means "death pledge". Josh writes: As I intimated a while ago, my partner and I have been house-hunting. Six weeks ago we made .

The Death-Pledge
The word "mortgage" comes from the French "mort-gage", literally death-pledge. The French peasants were working until they died for the privilege of owning a .

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The History of Home Mortgages – A “Dead Pledge” | TheHistoryOf.net
Sep 11, 2008 . In the word “mortgage”, the “mort”- is from the Latin word for death and “gage” is from the sense of that word that means a pledge to forfeit .

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O.C.R.E. Blog: Is Your Mortgage a Death Pledge?
Jun 26, 2009 . Is Your Mortgage a Death Pledge? You didn't just sign that did you?! Just a quick post today about the history of the word mortgage. I remember .

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Mortgage loan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The word mortgage is a Law French term meaning "death contract," meaning that the pledge ends (dies) when either the obligation is fulfilled or the property is .

Mortgage Reduction Strategies
The word Mortgage is actually a concatenation of two French words: the word Mort which means "death", and the word Gage which means "pledge". So in effect .

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  • Mortgage | Define Mortgage at Dictionary.com
    4. Law. to convey or place (real property) under a mortgage. 5. to place under advance obligation; pledge: to mortgage one's life to the defense of democracy.


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mortgage (n.) - Online Etymology Dictionary
mortgage (n.) Look up mortgage at Dictionary.com: late 14c., from O.Fr. morgage (13c.), mort gaige, lit. "dead pledge" (replaced in modern Fr. by hypothèque), .