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Show or hide fundamental mortgage formulas by clicking the F button. Compound period of all types -- monthly, bi-weekly, quarterly, etc. All figures are derived .

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Nov 26, 2008 . Algebraic formulas for monthly mortgage payments, loan balances at the end of a period, annual percentage rate (APR), and future values.

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For example, in Canada the longest term for which a mortgage rate can be fixed . known as the loan's principal; rearranging the formula for the present value of .

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The following derivation of this formula illustrates how fixed-rate mortgage loans work. The amount owed on the loan at .

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Canadian mortgage loans are generally semi-annual compounding with monthly (or more . In the formula below, i is the effective interest rate per period.

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In a repayment mortgage, it is often useful to know what the capital owing will be after a set time period. You have already met the somewhat trivial formula for .

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  • Derivation of the Formula for Mortgage Payments
    Derivation of the Formula for Mortgage Payments. by Bob Day . Say we borrow an amount "A" at an interest rate of "i" per payment period. (If the payments are .

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Microsoft Excel formulas make it simple to get answers to these and other . The number of payments over the 30-year mortgage period is multiplied by 12, .