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CitiMortgage 2nd - short pay-off settlement ... Credit impact?
Dec 21, 2010 . My 1st mortgage is underwater, so CitiMortgage's 2nd is worthless Live in CA ... have great credit ... pmts are all current ... and have the $$ to .

Cash For Mortgages, Settlements And Pay-Off's
Purchases real estate contracts, owner-financed mortgage notes, and structured settlements. Services most states.

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Mortgage cancellation. Pay off and settle your mortgage in as little ...
Oct 8, 2009 . http://www.3-6-month-mortgagecancellation.com Learn about the little known Private Banking strategy to settle or cancel your mortgage to .

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Mortgage Foreclosure Fraud Settlement Is Payoff TO Bank of ...
Feb 9, 2012 . While the Obama'a administration touted the news of the largest class-action payoff since the $350 billion tobacco settlement, I say the payoffs .

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Principal Balance vs. Payoff Balance
Mar 18, 2009 . One of the most frequently asked questions at the settlement table is: Why is my mortgage payoff amount higher than the balance showing on .

Fees Charged by Attorney Settlement Agents
Dec 15, 1994 . much of New England. Mortgage payoff checks were customarily sent to the lender by the settlement agent by mail. Times have changed.

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  • 2nd Mortgage - Settlement Offer
    Apr 6, 2009 . In my opinion, it would be good if you could pay off the 18k and settle the second mortgage. This will have a positive effect on your credit report .


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In addition, the coordinator gathers mortgage payoff information, checks the status of real estate taxes and prepares other required settlement documents.