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Many Americans set paying off their mortgage as a primary financial goal. In some cases, doing so can make sense. It surely saves you money on your home .

Ramsey's Step 6: Pay Off the Mortgage | Bad Money Advice
Apr 22, 2009 . I'm not against paying off mortgages. I'm not particularly in favor of it either, any more than I have a general opposition to, or support of, latex .

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Early Mortgage Payoff Savings
An early mortgage payoff offers homeowners tremendous overall savings.

Money Saving Tips: Pay Off Your Mortgage -- Fast! - Kaboose.com
Here are six tips to help you burn through those mortgage payments, including pre-paying early and stay informed.

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Payoff the home or invest cash instead? - Zillow Mortgage Advice
Feb 29, 2012 . Refinance in Atlanta, GA - Hello, I am 30 yr old male, $0 debt (other than mortgage), home value $200k, loan balance $130k, ...

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Paying Off Mortgage Early| Pay Off Mortgage or ... - Five Cent Nickel
May 15, 2009 . To see how long it might take you to payoff your mortgage, there's a . very good with the stock market but won't sell bad advice for money.

USATODAY.com - To pay or not to pay off your mortgage
Jan 26, 2006 . They owe $36000 on a 6.5% mortgage, with 10 years to pay. Monthly payment: about $400. Should they pay off the mortgage? Cook's advice: .

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  • Why You Should Pay Off Your Mortgage (and Why I Took One Out ...
    Mar 14, 2011 . Many parties such as financial advisors and mortgage brokers benefit . Why You Shouldn't Pay Off Your Mortgage (and Why I Did Anyway).

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My advice is to do whatever it takes to live on less than you make, and invest the rest. If you need motivation to pay off your mortgage just take a look at the .