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Accounting for House Payments Made by a Spouse During Separation
Oregon law directs that, in a divorce proceeding, a court divide marital . The husband in Clapp had not made any payment on the mortgage for the family home .

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Aug 20, 2009 . Mortgage mistakes made during divorce can ruin your ability to get . Sit down and decide who will pay the mortgage payment or if you are both .

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Besides," she adds, "I couldn't have made those payments myself during our divorce . In certain circumstances a divorce decree can help a mortgage broker .

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Dividing Property during Divorce
In this example, John and MarySue live in Texas and are getting a divorce. When they . They made the mortgage payments out of their joint account. The house .

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Equity derived from mortgage payments made after separation is classified as marital property (and therefore subject to division in divorce) if the mortgage .

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I paid off the entire mortgage myself. . to pay for the mortgage, the increase in equity .

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  • Epstein Credits and Reimbursements | California Divorce Guide
    What Epstein Credits and reimbursement payments mean for your divorce - The . payor, and not made in lieu of the payor's obligation to support their ex-spouse or . This includes debts to family members, if applicable, mortgage payments, .

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It does not include voluntary payments that are not made under a divorce or . can claim one-half of the interest on the mortgage in figuring deductible interest.